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William Lathrop

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
Artist in Residence - 2005
Entry Date: 10/03/2005 - Monday

After the usual breakfast, I met up with Gregg to agree on the time and place for Tuesday's classroom visits. I was off to Miners Falls; the weather was perfect for it - strong atmospheric effects under the cloudy sky - strong aerial perspective. It was still nice and warm too. The fall color has really revved up; certainly it will be near peak by the weekend.

At Miners Falls I met another photographer - a younger guy shooting the falls digitally - not too talkative though. After climbing around below the visitor platform, I got some good photos of my own, I settled on a dry level spot directly below the wooden deck. I wouldn't obstruct the view of visitors and I liked the slightly lower perspective.

I started painting about 9:00, more or less; it was 1:30 when I finished up and packed out. A nice German couple helped me lift my gear back up to the visitor platform. He was working at Michigan State in Lansing; she was visiting from Germany. They were clearly young lovers - celebrating a brief respite from separation. There are so many couples up here - young to old - out vacationing at the best time. Childless couples enjoying their own company.

I obviously took my time with the falls painting - working with thin paint, which was required due to the dark subject matter. I painted fairly loose at the edges (of the painting), tighter in the rocks just around the falls. Hey - not Richard Schmid - but not shabby either.

After painting, I cruised the back roads in this area and really noticed the color - got a number of good and interesting photos.

Did I blow it today. I could have bought gas this morning at $2.99. I thought, 'hey, it's Monday, prices should go down today.' Wrong! Gas was up to $3.19 this afternoon. Ugh. When will it end?

I ended the daylight with a small study - 8x12 - at the marsh just south of the residence. I didn't like this at the time, but it has grown on me. The sense of depth due to the quality of the air was quite interesting today.

I'm thinking about pulling out on Wednesday, a day or too earlier than I had planned. On the one had, fall color has definitely arrived and I may miss some painting opportunities. On the other had, it is supposed to rain much of the rest of the week and the woods completely orange and red is as difficult to paint as one that is all green. It is the variety that makes a painting interesting - so for me maybe the peak has already come and I was here for it.

I'm hoping to stop by a couple galleries in Door County before the weekend. I framed a couple pieces tonight. In general I feel better about the body of work I have done here. Yes, definitely some flogs, but I think at least 8 worthy of show.

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