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William Lathrop

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
Artist in Residence - 2005
Entry Date: 09/28/2005 - Wednesday

I have been at Pictured Rocks a week. Seems like a long week - full of interesting experiences and the gamut of moods - from depression to elation.

This morning I drove down to Kingston Lake, having no real plan for the day. I found a spot within the state campground that overlooks a cove in the lake and a shapely stand of white pine. It started out breezy - which I tried to indicate in the shapes of the trees. I had gotten through the under-painting and started painting details of the white pine when the rain came - and am now in the van waiting that out. A pair of geese has joined me - neither afraid of me nor begging - just eating the nearby grass, unaffected by the rain, water rolling right off their backs.

And the rain never stopped. At the lakeshore the wind was driving from the north off the lake and the strength of the waves built. I returned to the cabin for some reading and an early dinner. Reading turned into a nap - the perfect rainy day activity. For dinner I finished up the perishables, spaghetti with meat sauce and broccoli - another dinner with broccoli. I then set about packing and cleaning - a better cleaning than my short stay merited but it hadn't been done in a while and I had some time. I am moving from this cabin to lodging on the other side of the park at Sand Point tomorrow.

This afternoon, conditions remained too difficult to paint, and while the rain-soaked woods oozed with color, I feared all the rain would make the roads more difficult than my van could take. Four-wheel drive would definitely enhance the experience here - expanding the ability to explore deeper down state forest roads. However, my van is a wonderful vehicle. It has carried me tens of thousands of miles throughout this country - almost all worry free. It has performed flawlessly on this trip - and I just promised to wash it when we get home - for a job well done. Yes, I'm talking to my car.

Items in the News: Republican congressman and House Majority Leader, Tom Delay, has just stepped down from his leadership position to fight allegations and lawsuits regarding corruption and finance misdeeds. Listening to CNN Headline off the satellite, that's pretty much how they read it, with only the addendum of how Delay had commented that the issues were ridiculous and politically motivated. I thought CNN's story seemed pretty friendly and brief for - what seemed to me - pretty major news. I thought Public Radio might have deeper coverage. I switched to terrestrial radio and eventually found the public channel in Marquette. Sure enough, they were making a big deal out of it - complete with two commentators, one right and one left. Their coverage seemed refreshingly balanced and thorough. And the point was made that the harassment of Delay was politically motivated, initiated by a partisan prosecutor. Perhaps, at least in part, it is politically motivated. But that makes me wonder what is preferable, a slightly aggressive prosecutor or a political ally who looks the other way?

The gale continues to blow here - the wind has picked up and really roaring out of the north. The rain is not so strong here by the cabin; the woods provide a buffer. However a short jaunt down to the shore delivers a powerful face-full of stinging rain. The waves are big, but they have a long wavelength, crashing slowly onshore.

It is 6:30 in the evening. With my work done for the day I have 3 hours to kill before bed. I wish I had some dry wood to start a fire. It's supposed to be chilly in the morning.

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